Trafalgar Square, London.
A five-yearly event!

I believe the first Trafalgar Square reunion for ex-Dartingtonians was in 1975. It all starts to happen on 1st April at noon, at Nelson's Column!

My first experience was in 1990. A convoy of cars left Totnes and travelled up to London. We met up with around 100 others and reminisced. It was such a beautiful sunny day, we were all happy to chat and exchange addresses until some one had a bright idea - let's find a pub. Later on my year group (70's-80's) met up and had a bit of a bash at Rebecca's house. (I think!)

1995: Even more people turned up…more offspring had since arrived! More reminiscing.

1996: The 70th Anniversary was one crazy event. Nobody had thought that it would be such a big event! I thought maybe 500 of you would be interested, not guessing the number would be nearer 900! I was told at the time of organising the Anniversary that we would be unlikely to be able to hold such an event again, as the Dartington Hall Trust would like to lease out all of Foxhole for business use!

2000: This reunion was more organised. Just as well, as - unlike previous years - it was a very cold day! Nick and Wendy Price worked hard to organise a venue at London Bridge; they sorted out a buffet and bar too!