3rd/5th September 2011 at the Great Hall


The 85th Reunion of Dartington Hall School (1926 – 1987) – A reunion of progressive minds and souls
The DH Reunion planning group are creating a historic record of Dartington Hall School through a variety of mixed media to be displayed both at the Reunion 3rd to 5th September 2011 and at a local gallery for a long period.
Most of this will be collected via the School Archives, but of course there are huge gaps missing about ex students and staff ! Please help us by emailing anne-baldwin@hotmail.co.uk  links and positive information about notable alumni , who drew their career and life choices based on education experiences at the school.( In all different walks of life) The plan instead of decades the historic records/talks /gallery displays etc will be in Headships please mention who was the Head when the Notable Alumni attended Dartington Hall School.  
Please let me know if you can think of anyway of  raising funds to make this reunion special so as to keep tickets cost down to a reasonable price