Photos from the 50's

Nina Havers, Elin Svensen, Tony Hawtin, ?, Tim Gell, Robert Archdale, Ken Boothby, ?

holiday 4.jpg

Lally Cabot, Sue Cattley, Mary Logie, Seyre Le Brocquy

jules and murray.jpg

Julian Curry, Murray Cabot


Slow bike race


Impromptu singing in the courtyard


Story time at Aller Park


Four small pictures from the 50's Clockwise from top left. Swimming in the Dart: Bowen Crallan, Tim Gell? ? / Beside the pool at Foxhole: Roger Collingbourne, Robert Lewis, Peter Hampshire, Stephen Forrester. / Camping at Aller Park: Tim Gell, Bowen Crallan. / Cycling on the road to ?: Eddie Pierce, Tim Whitmore? Is that right?