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Hello Anne, Well I've finally taken a shot of the painting. I've compressed it quite a lot, in jpg format, so that it doesn't get stuck in the telephone wires. Just for fun I've included a snap of myself. I'd be really pleased if you could publish the painting, in any way you see fit, so that the mystery can be solved. The facts surrounding the painting are, as best as I recall, the following: I found the painting at Foxhole, probably ' 71 or ' 72. Frank and Ernest, who ran the art department at the time, were about to throw the painting out. I asked for the painting and it was given to me. I have always had it hanging on my wall, no matter where I've lived. I have no idea who painted it, although I was once told - by Nicky Scott? - that the artist died in a cycling accident.

Best regards
Richard Harbud
Richard Harbud


Does anybody have an idea of who painted this.....