Letters & Memories

Dear Nick,

I have got a new book coming out on March 1st which might be of interest to ex-Dartington people. I wonder if you could post something like this on the Dartington website? David

David Gribble, whose books about what education ought to be like have been enthusiastically received only by the converted, has written a book about what education ought not to be like, which he hopes may attract a wider readership. A REALLY GOOD SCHOOL, published by Seven-Ply Yarns on March 1st 2001, price £7.99, is a murder story set in a monstrous public school where the headmaster attempts to deal with a series of deaths by tightening up on uniform rules. "A Really Good School, a highly original satire of controlled, frequently Swiftian savagery, is a completely gripping and logically impeccable story of mass murder which is often, you'll be surprised to discover, very funny." Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy (Author of The Pubic School Phenomenon)

"This novel is very clever. The humour is off-beam and individual and I roared. David Gribble comes through mightily strongly all the way through. You can tell the subject is his obsession and he doesn't give an inch. . . . . . This book is for everyone who hated school ­ I was expelled from three schools, and I know." Gillian White (Author of Rich Deceiver, Mothertime, etc. and parent of four Dartingtonians) Available at £7.99 inclusive of postage and packing direct from David Gribble at
davidgribble@onetel.net.uk, or at any bookshop.